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Are you the future of the broadcast industry
? Then make sure you are at the Broadcasting Career Builder Conference on November 8! This is your chance to connect with professionals from all across Michigan’s broadcast industry. #BCBC19 is where you need to be if you are looking to land that dream j-o-b. So don’t hesitate. Register online before October 24 to secure your spot. Although registration will be available at the door, meals will not be guaranteed. Space is limited. Register today!

Each year BCBC connects broadcasting students from across Michigan with the state top industry leaders in radio and television. #BCBC19 will take place Friday, November 8, at Lansing Community College’s West Campus. Learn more and register to attend at

Until then, check out some of this year’s exciting “All About Film” learning opportunities …


Finding Your Way into the Corporate, Commercial or Feature Film Industry, a Primer 

Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to work on a film set? This session will be packed with information that will help you get into the film and video industry and walk onto sets feeling strong! Industry professional and co-founder of the Michigan Production Alliance Mark Adler provides an overview of what you can expect and what is expected of YOU! On the set of corporate projects, commercials or feature films.

Power of Video Storytelling in Marketing Campaigns

In 2018, one-third of all online user time was spent watching video. The world of online video is rapidly pivoting to reach constituents, audiences, customers, and donors. It takes skill and effort to tell a compelling story online, and we are busy producing and being consumed with a variety of media to narrow in on a well-refined content strategy. In this presentation, award-winning digital storyteller Justin Wedes will give you the technical tips and tricks to effective video storytelling — one of the most effective marketing tools in 2019. He’ll cover a range of thought-provoking questions: Why is video the most effective way to reach people, and inspire action, online? How can I use a unique storytelling video to communicate a mission or vision? What are the basic steps of a video marketing campaign? and How do I make stunning, effective videos without breaking the bank?

Top 10 Tips for Better Filmmaking

Focusing on various methods designed to enhance your video production skills, this workshop is aimed at making your videos outshine the rest. Join seasoned filmmaker and digital marketer, Steve Julin as he shares his top ten tips for shooting better video and telling better stories. This session will cover creative camera techniques, capturing audio, lighting techniques and general filmmaking tips that will improve your skills on the next video you shoot.