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Each year BCBC connects broadcasting students from across Michigan with the state top industry leaders in radio and television. #BCBC19 will take place Friday, November 8, at Lansing Community College’s West Campus. Learn more and register to attend at

Until then, check out some of this year’s exciting opportunities to discover the power of sales, marketing and promotions …

Sales is your gateway into the Media Industry

Selling means connecting your products and services to meet the needs of your customer. When selling media, what are your products? There are more than you think…there’s more to media than commercial spots! In this session you’ll learn about the exciting products in today’s media marketplace, practice conducting a Client Needs Analysis, and discover how a position in sales just may be your steppingstone into the industry.

Content Marketing to the Right Audience

Learn how to effectively market a product or service to fulfill your client’s needs. Go through the process with an actual client case: identify the target audience, choose the proper delivery mediums, and create and customize effective messaging. With today’s savvy audience, traditional messaging just won’t cut it! So learn how to create consumable content with your message. Led by an award-winning, 18-year veteran of local TV and movies, take a creative journey and get a taste of the world of marketing.

All About Promotions

You’ve heard about one…and you’ve probably stopped by one. A radio road crew event is more than just a chance for listeners to win a prize or be on the radio. Hosting a radio event at a business is a time-tested strategy to give key clients a significant ROI and help to spread the word about an important event/promotion/sale for that brand. Learn how radio promotions teams collaborate with multiple departments to create and execute creative solutions for their clients all while having fun, promoting their brand, and gaining their clients’ trust.