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Equal Opportunity Policy: The Michigan Association of Broadcasters, the contracted manager of the MAPB,  is committed to the principal and practice of equal employment opportunity.  Unlawful discrimination on the basis of race, sex, religion, age, national origin, height, weight, marital status, sexual orientation or disability is not practiced by the MAB and will not be tolerated. Any questions or problems related to this policy or any perceived deviation from the policy should immediately be brought to the attention of The President.




  • WDET Announces Programming Changes to ‘On Point,’ Adds ‘1A’ to Schedule

    WDET-FM (Detroit) has announced changes to their schedule.  The popular show On Point, produced by WBUR in Boston and broadcast every weekday on WDET and NPR stations nationwide — will now air from 10 to 11 a.m. After internal and external review with staff and listeners, WDET decided to add the show 1A to immediately… read more

  • WKDS License Transfer Filed

    A formal application for license transfer of Kalamazoo Public School’s WKDS-FM to Western Michigan University was filed October 5 at the FCC.  This follows a meeting held April 30 when the Kalamazoo Public Schools board voted to sell the district’s radio station to Western Michigan University, who presently operate WMUK-FM. WMUK began operating the station… read more

  • Jacobs Media, PRPD Release Public Radio Techsurvey 2020

    In partnership with the Public Radio Program Directors Association, Jacobs Media has released Public Radio Techsurvey 2020 (“PRTS”), its latest annual study exploring the ongoing digital media revolution and its impact on public radio. PRTS 2020 takes a continued look at the ever-changing media consumption behaviors of core public radio listeners, and particularly, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the upcoming… read more

  • Delta Broadcasting Announces New Brand, New Name: Delta College Public Media

    Delta Broadcasting, based at Delta College, has announced a new brand and name:  Delta College Public Media.  The change took place in late August to better align its stations as a service of Delta College. The name of the TV station (WDCQ-TV), formerly Q-TV, is now Delta College Public Media. The radio station (WUCX-FM), formerly… read more

  • WKAR Presents COVID Diaries: On the Front Line | American Portrait

    On October 1 at 10 p.m., WKAR Public Media (East Lansing) will present “COVID Diaries: On the Front Line,” a WKAR original special produced as part of the PBS American Portrait project. Produced under social distancing and other health and safety guidelines required during a pandemic, the story is told through video captured remotely through… read more

  • WKAR Teams Up with MSU’s College of Engineering for Mask Video

    WKAR Public Media (East Lansing) has collaborated with Michigan State University’s College of Engineering to produce a video showing the effectiveness of wearing a mask during the current COVID-19 pandemic.  Entitled “Display it, don’t spray it,” the video features Dr. Rob Stephenson, science educator and Emmy-award winning host of WKAR’s Curious Crew, along with high-resolution, slow-motion… read more

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