Special offer for MAB Members!

should sound familiar. They’re the pioneers of broadcast analytics and attribution and were the first to help radio and TV stations demonstrate how broadcast advertising increases digital traffic and how to optimize advertising campaigns for maximum response. AnalyticOwl helps broadcast companies make more money in four ways:

Opening doors and closing deals: start your conversations with a powerful statement- radio and TV advertisers see 36% more new users to their websites and greater foot traffic than non-advertisers.

Increasing share and spend for existing advertisers: 64% of broadcast advertisers connected to AnalyticOwl spend more year over year, with an average increase of 20%.

Stopping cancellations: advertisers who are connected to AnalyticOwl cancel 40% less often.

Winning back lost business: you can even look back at cancelled campaigns and produce reports that demonstrate results!

Today, AnalyticOwl is recognized as the standard for broadcast attribution, and MAB has negotiated these exclusive offers for our members:

  • Free first use for AnalyticOwl radio attribution platform – connect a key advertiser to see how it works!
  • Free first use for NumericOwl aggregated attribution benchmark tool – use it to pitch a key prospect!
  • 10% discount on monthly subscriptions, 20% discount for 12 month prepaid subscriptions!

These offers are available to new AnalyticOwl clients as well as existing clients adding a new market or markets.

For more information, contact [email protected] and mention that you are an MAB member.